Get Your Money Back After A Debt Settlement Scam

After the global economic collapse and the following recession, debt settlement scam has become a vital issue. These days, we can see the very next person is suffering from debt settlement scam. These scam debt settlement companies are deceiving people as of their clueless condition. But, did you know that you could repossess your hard earned money from these scam entities if you follow some easy steps can help you get back your valuable money.

To get your money back, you must submit a written complaint and narrate the way you have been swindled by the scam debt settlement company. If you want to make your position strong, you should keep up all the evidences of your correspondence with the company like emails or postal mails.

Prepare yourself for the situation:

To get your money back from a scam company is not an easy job to be done. To get a refund you must work smartly. When you ask for a refund from the company, they might discourage you by showing you the agreement paper, which you signed. However, you must not be bothered and step back. If a representative of the firm has deceived you through an enticing advertisement, it is just a “fraud in execution” that makes the agreement invalid.

Filing Complaints:

If you are not getting a way out to get your money back, then you can lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) where the company is located. This might help you to get an instant reply from the company. However, there are many scam companies who have numerous complaints against them. If you company falls in this category, they will be least bothered to reply as it already has a low BBB rating.

Alternatively, you can contact the Attorney General of your state. However, in some states you have to lodge a complaint with the BBB prior to get in touch with the Attorney General. If you lodge a complaint to the Attorney General, there will be a lawsuit filed against the scam company by the Attorney General. Thus, this time the company will certainly take serious steps.

Accumulate your Evidences:

To strengthen your complaints and suit, accumulate as much evidences as possible against the scam outfit. If you are in any kind of doubt at any stage of the litigation, you may certainly hire an attorney for help.


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