What is a Credit Letter

We all know that if you need to repair your credit, you have to send out credit repair letters, right? What a lot of people don’t know is what a credit letter looks like, what it accomplishes, and most importantly, how can you produce your own credit repair letters for free? I will teach you about it:

The purpose of credit repair letters is to dispute items that are hurting your credit score. The US government defends every citizen’s right to have everything on their credit profile report with perfect accuracy. This means any inaccuracy on your credit report is unlawful. You have a right to dispute that item and force the credit reporting bureaus report fairly.

Most credit repair services will instruct you to send out a dispute letter for each damaging account on your credit report, but that practice is just plain wrong, not to mention unnecessary. Perhaps that’s why credit repair services have to charge you an arm and a leg to fix your credit. They are overdoing things and burning up your hard-earned paycheck at the same time!

You can perform your own credit repair without going through expensive credit repair services. It’s not as difficult as everyone seems to think it is. If you have been browsing around the web searching for ideas on how to do your own credit repair, you no doubt think it is much more difficult than it really is. That is because credit repair clinics want you to feel you can’t do it without their help. They’ve been filling the web with information to lead consumers through their doors.

But wait a minute! Locating dispute letters online is actually easy. Check out FTC.gov for one good sample letter you can utilize. There are plenty of others available on other sources too, as you likely already know, and any of them will work well. Simply pick one of the many sample letter templates you find. Then use it to produce your own from. Next simply cut out the portion that specifies what account you are disputing and replace that info with your own actual itmes to dispute. Bear in mind, you have a right to dispute anything damaging that is not reporting with 100% accuracy. So take matters into your own control and fix your own credit!

Or for an even quicker route, check out the free tool offered by CreditBlossom.com. This website will enable you to create your letters automatically after you scan in your credit report and decide which accounts you need to dispute. Then it’s as easy as sending them out.

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